Day Backpacks For Traveling

Perfect for: Daily Commuting,travel,office,students
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Product Details

Product description of backpack

Name: day backpacks for traveling/Daypack/Casual Backpack

Color: Grey
Dimensions: customized
Material: Polyester
Fabric: Tear-resistant, wear-resistant and water-resistant


1.the daypacks, excellent for Daily Commuting, Office and Day Trips, you will need it.

2.Foam shoulder straps and back panel with padding help relieve the stress from your shoulder.

3. Interior organization structure

4. Side mesh Pocket for Bottles,umbrellas 

5.Waterproof zipper 

6.Multifunctional compartment to hold more things

Perfect for: Daily Commuting,travel,office,students

Casual Backpack images show:

laptop backpack.JPG
waterproof backpack.JPG

sports backpack.JPG

Production Flow:


a.Material selection:the material can be choosen as per your requirement.         design:choose the style you want.the size/the shape/the structure ect. c.Colour                          2.Open paper version: 

as per your design you choose.                                         


1)Sample selection:Put the fabric on the table, check the quality of the fabric.    

2)Arrange material:the main fabric was arranged first and then  the small and secondary parts.          4.the sample cutting:

In general,there are two ways to cut: One is with scissors,and the other way is that use a knife.          5.the Sewing                                                                                                      

6.Backpack neaten:

include: cleaning, shaping, repairing,matching hardware accessories ect.              

7.Finished product

Product Process5

More production of outdoor sports backpack

custom sport backpack.JPG

Water Resistant Laptop Backpacks.JPG


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