Why The Drawstring bag Is Deeply Loved By Consumers?

- Sep 03, 2019-

The drawstring bag are often received when we buy something, which is convenient for us to store items in a drawstring backpack, or to store things with a bunch of pockets when traveling. In short, the advantages of the bundle pocket are a lot.

Drawstring pockets bag, also known as shrink pockets, tight pockets, lock pockets, drawstring bags, and drawstring backpack pockets. It is a bag made by tightening the bag mouth with various types of ropes to prevent leakage of the contents, and is widely used for gifts and product packaging. The beam pocket has a one-way beam and a two-way beam. The size of the beam bag is slightly larger. It is a simple backpack style, stylish and convenient, and the price is low. The gift bag is the first choice!

The bag body material of the bundle pocket mainly uses a soft material such as a non-woven fabric, a cotton cloth, a nylon cloth, or a linen material. Non-woven bundle pockets, the price is relatively cheap, simple to make, and the advertising effect is good; but because of the inherent characteristics of the non-woven fabric, it cannot be used for a long time. In the natural case, the non-woven fabric is used for three or five years. The price of the non-woven bundle pocket is mainly determined according to its specifications, fabric weight, printing requirements, and requirements for the rope. Non-woven bundle pockets, mainly used for product packaging (requires thick fabric), inner packaging (such as inner packaging of shoes, thin fabric or gift pack).