Which Sports Bag Is Better?

- Oct 14, 2019-

1, kettle pockets

The kettle pocket is usually wide, breathable, easy to pick up and drink, suitable for long-distance runners or travellers who need to bring their own drinking water. Since the water is heavy, it is necessary to consider the balance and stability during exercise or travel. Therefore, if the kettle pocket is not well designed, it will affect the movement or travel status, so be careful.

2, arm package

The arm bag is small and easy to wear. It can be directly controlled outside the bag during exercise. The straps are generally in the form of widened velcro. The comfort is very high. It is suitable for people who like to run and travel, and carry more items.

3, pockets

The volume of the purse is large and expandable. It is usually fixed around the waist and fixed in the lower abdomen. It is very stable in running. It is suitable for people who need to carry large-screen mobile phones, other equipment or dissatisfied with other travel bags.

4, backpack

The backpack has large capacity and strong functionality. It is suitable for running, hiking, cycling and many other outdoor activities. It can also be used as a spare bag for travel. It is also suitable for people who often participate in endurance races and need other equipment and food.