What Types Of Compasses Are There?

- Jul 25, 2019-

There are two main types of compasses commonly used for camping and hiking:

1.Thin body

Most of them are rectangular, most of which are made of transparent materials. Because of their thin thickness, they are easy to store in the shirt pocket, and the transparent bottom plate and turntable are easy to operate on the map.

2. Box shape

It is more thick and suitable for the situation of obtaining the degree by visual observation. It is also used by the military.


1. A better compass will be filled with liquid in the turntable, so that the swing speed of the magnetic needle is slowed down, and the direction can be stopped quickly and indicated;

2. For use in night or dark environments, use a compass with a luminous mark;

3. The general magnetic needle points to the south with a white end, and the red or darker end points to the north;

4. The value (degree or mil) on the turntable is space-saving. Generally, one or two zeros are deleted from the tail (for example, 10 mil, which is equal to 1000 mil, etc.);

5. The orientation arrow must be a value of 0 degrees (or 0M) pointing to the turntable, which is also called compass north;

6. The azimuth reading line must be in line with the heading indicator;

7. The picture above shows the names of the various parts of the thin body compass, but not all compasses have the above parts and functions.