What Is The Backpacker?

- Aug 22, 2019-

Backpacker, also known as a friend, is a Backpacker in English. It is evolved from the word Backpacking. In Chinese Pinyin, it is BeiBaoKe, which refers to people who go around in groups or single-handedly, that is, carry long-distance self-help with backpacks. Travelers are mainly based on group climbing, hiking, adventure and other people looking for excitement. The purpose is to know the world, to know themselves and to challenge the limits.

Friends generally like to go out with friends, some are prepared to have tents, sleeping bags, and sleep in the wilderness of the mountains. Another way of saying this is that it is taken from the homonym of "Traveler", which means the friend of travel. Taiwan refers to them as self-help travellers or self-help tourists, and Hong Kong is called a backpacker.