What Is PU Leather?

- Jun 28, 2019-

PU leather is the abbreviation of English porcelain, the Chinese name of polyurethane is also called PU leather. When PU is used with leather, the second layer of leather is used on the reverse side. Then the surface is coated with PU resin, so it is also called film cowhide. PU is a synthetic skin, which is a fake skin. Based on environmentalism, it has a leather texture, is very durable, and is inexpensive. The other two layers of pig skin are not PU leather. PU skin is a piece of broken skin, after crushing, adding binder, pressed leather, ingredients or leather, but not naturally grown leather. As long as it is animal fur, no matter how many layers of skin, it is better than PU leather. PU handbags refer to women's bags made of PU in whole or in part, which is commonly known as “faux leather handbags”. The appearance is not much different from that of leather handbags, but the actual texture does have a big difference. According to the domestic classification, generally according to the function: short wallet, long wallet, cosmetic bag, evening bag, handbag, shoulder bag, backpack, messenger bag, travel bag and multi-function bag. The foreign classifications are roughly: WALLET wallet, COSMETIC BAG (cosmetic bag), HANDBAG (handbag) and TOTE (bag), SHOULDERBAG (shoulder bag), and a barrel bag, English: Bucketbag