What Is 1680D Oxford Cloth?

- Aug 19, 2019-

When the backpack is customized, if the customer wants to choose a very durable and cost-effective material, most manufacturers recommend 1680D Oxford cloth. Oxford cloth is a traditional combed cotton fabric originating from the UK and named after Oxford University. The texture is light, the hand feels, and it is very wear-resistant and durable. Therefore, many backpacks on the market use this fabric. The 1680D is the abbreviation of 1680D double-strand oxford fabric. It is a plain weave fabric with double weft and double weft. The original material is nylon material. Usually two 420D nylon filaments are passed through the filaments and prepared into a twisted 840D filament. Because the weave is double warp and double weft, the two 840D filaments are 1680D double strands. 1680D double-strand oxford cloth has strong tensile strength and wear resistance. After processing 1680D oxford cloth, PVC, eucalyptus and PU coating, it has better hand feeling, better waterproof performance and high density and waterproof. Sexuality, its waterproof performance generally reaches the current level of IPX3 or IPX4 waterproof level, plus 1680D double-strand oxford cloth has a noble luster, 1680D material is now generally used in high-end outdoor products or kits of fabric.