What Are The Quotation Methods For School Backpack?

- Jul 19, 2019-

1, look at the picture quote

Many bookbag custom customers do not have a bag model, so they will find the style of the favorite bag, and then send the picture of the bag to the manufacturer to request a quotation. The quotation can be carried out. The manufacturer can generally give the customer an estimate, but the precise price cannot be Given, because the picture quote can not determine the material of the bag, some details of the details, etc., this can only give the customer an estimated price, this price may be different from the final price of the goods, not accurate.

2, sample quotation

The sample quotation refers to the case where the customer has a sample of the school bag. The customer gives the sample package to the manufacturer. The manufacturer carries out the nuclear price of the material, accessories, size, workmanship, etc. according to the actual situation of the sample package, and then can give the customer precise The price, the price of the sample quotation is accurate, if the price of the sample quotation is no other modification, it is basically the final price of the goods, which also avoids the large difference in the quotation.

3, proofing quote

This is mainly for customers who do not have sample packages. Without the sample package manufacturers, they can't give accurate prices. The direct method is to provide proofs. According to the picture of the bag or the design drawing, the manufacturer can make a complete sample, so that it can be proofed according to the proof. The cost used to calculate the final price of the goods, the price given by the proof price is also very accurate.