What Are The Functions Of The Compass?

- Jul 26, 2019-

Measuring orientation

1. Measuring the direction of the southeast

2. Calibration map orientation

3. Determination of magnetic azimuth

Measuring distance

1. Use the survey ruler to directly measure the distance on the map

2. Use the mileage to measure the distance on the map

3. Use the distance estimator to roughly determine the distance of the target

March time and speed calculation

Using the speed schedule on the instrument, while measuring the mileage, the time required for the march or the marching speed within the specified time can be determined. The method is as follows:

1. March time calculation

2. Marching speed calculation

Determine the slope of the slope (pitch angle)

Open the instrument, make the mirror and the dial holder slightly 45 degrees, hold the instrument on the side, aim along the sighting and sightings to the inclined side, and make the line of sight parallel to the inclined plane, let the goniometer swing freely, and view it from the mirror. The scale division value indicated on the elevation angle table of the center line of the corner device is the desired pitch angle (slope). This feature can be used to roughly measure the antenna downtilt in a wireless communication system.

Measuring target rough height

Knowing the horizontal distance between the target (object) and the point, first measure the pitch angle of the target, and then check the altimeter to know the height of the target.