What Are The Deformation Treatment Methods Of Zinc Alloy Die Casting?

- Apr 01, 2020-

Zinc alloy die casting after a series of processing, some products will appear deformation problems, what is the cause?

Characteristics of zinc alloy die casting deformation: (1) overall deformation or local deformation;Shenzhen zinc alloy die casting geometry drawings do not agree.(1) bad casting structure;(2) die too early, casting rigidity is not enough;(3) improper ejector set, ejector force is uneven;(4) when the inlet gate is too thick or the gate thickness is too thick, it is easy to be deformed when the gate is cut off;(5) by the local rough surface caused by the resistance, product ejection deformation;In the mold local temperature is too high, the product is not completely cured, when the ejection force, resulting in product deformation.

Methods to solve deformation: (1) improve casting structure;(2) reasonable adjustment of pressure and mold day;(3) reasonably set the ejector position and the number of ejector rod, better with 4, open space;(4) change the gate position, make the gate has a point, reduce the casting principle of the gate thick force degree, to ensure the casting quality of the product so that the product is not easy to cut the gate humen zinc alloy die-casting manufacturers direct form;(5) zinc alloy die casting to strengthen the mold surface, reduce the stripper resistance;6 on the local mold temperature deficit control, to maintain the mold heat balance.

The above points are the causes of the deformation of zinc alloy die casting and the treatment methods, to find out the problems in zinc alloy die casting, timely analysis and solution, in order to increase the yield of die casting products, improve our production efficiency.