What Are The Common Trolley Wheel Materials?

- Oct 09, 2019-

1,the original round

The wheel used in the beginning of the trolley suitcase was of poor quality. Because the material conditions were also poor at the time, the wheel was easy to rub and heat on the ground. The wheel broke and it was very difficult to pull. It was very difficult to meet some pits. Hard to go.

2,ordinary rubber wheel

With the development of the times and continuous improvement, the wheel material of the trolley suitcase is also changed to rubber material. The quality of ordinary rubber material is not as good as imagined. Pushing and pulling for a long time will also lead to rubber heating and cracking. durable.

3,Imported rubber wheel

The imported rubber wheel contains the carbamate. This material has been used in some industries. Bicycles and car tires have been gradually used, which has better wear resistance. Relatively speaking, the noise is less than those of the previous materials. More, but the imported rubber wheel is much more expensive than the ordinary rubber wheel.

4,silicone wheel

The material of the silicone wheel is very stable, and the silicone wheel is now used in some high-end brand tires. The silicone wheel is not easy to deteriorate, has good corrosion resistance, does not react with air and chemical components, and can adapt to a variety of road surfaces, even if it is not smooth, Shancun Road can cope. The mute effect of the silicone wheel is very good, but the cost of the silicone wheel is very expensive.