What Are The Characteristics Of Different Types Of Backpackers?

- Aug 23, 2019-

Different types of backpackers

With the same eco-travel spirit and different modes of travel, there will be backpackers with different preferences, purposes and performances. Check below to see which backpacker you are.

Leisure backpacker

I like to spend some time in a place, even a small village will stay for more than half a month, and very few people are in a hurry during the trip. These backpackers are usually casual, no one is rushing to see the sights, and no one is on the road every day. They just take travel as a normal life and have a relaxation.

Roaming backpacker

This is a backpacker who has no purpose at all and has no plans to limit time. “Where are you going?” “What car?” “What are you going to play?” These questions are not answered in these backpackers. The travel philosophy they admire is: like the wind, where is the scrape.

Economic backpacker

This kind of backpacker has a relatively small travel radius. Many backpackers travel within a certain route, or which route is discounted. After all, travel expenses account for a large part of the trip. This type of backpacker is proud of spending the least money on travel, saving travel, cooking by himself, choosing cheap transportation, living in a youth hostel, but not having food, and staying at a small hotel with good value for money. Experience.

Companion backpacker

Like to travel with friends is a feature of Chinese backpackers. This kind of backpacker always feels that walking alone is very dangerous. I like to travel with friends. If my friends don't have time, I will be connected with the Internet.

Solitary backpacker

Young Chinese backpackers and foreigner backpackers are basically of this type. They meet each other during the trip and get together. After a few days, they are still on their own, and they don’t want to go together, because the companion will cause many aspects of coordination. . Walking alone, though alone, is more free and purer.

Raiders backpacker

This is a very interesting phenomenon. Some backpackers like to print a stack of "Raiders" travels to trace the path that the predecessors have traveled. “Raiders” refers to backpackers who write their travels and local travel information to various forums for sharing. The "Raiders" personal opinion is very strong, unless you are exactly the same as the author's preferences, there is no need to copy other people's long trips. No accidents during the trip are a boring trip, of course, travel information can be shared.

Theme backpacker

Compared to the “Raiders” trip, this backpacker’s travel has a strong personality. Travel on the subject of photography is becoming more and more popular in China.

Equipment backpacker

“Equipment” refers to outdoor products. Many junior backpackers always ask what kind of "equipment" to buy, in fact, preparing a good backpack is enough. When there are no professional activities such as hiking and climbing, the requirements for outdoor clothing items are zero. Unless it is a professional photographer, the card machine can be satisfied during the journey, otherwise the result of taking a SLR is tired. However, if there are self-driving, hiking, desert walking, etc., the corresponding professional equipment is a must.