Use Insulated Lunch Bags To Keep Food Safety

- Aug 19, 2020-

No matter how old you are, the end of summer is also the time to start. This means a new school year, new episodes of your favorite TV shows and the start of the football season.

Students, sports fans and outdoor enthusiasts all have one thing in common: packed lunches. However, some people still pack perishable food in old-fashioned kraft paper bags instead of insulated lunch boxes. According to the US Department of Agriculture, if food is stored in old-fashioned brown paper bags for more than 2 hours, it is not safe to eat. An insulated lunch box helps keep food at a safe temperature until lunch time.

Why keep food cool? Foodborne diseases can multiply rapidly at temperatures between 40°F and 140°F. This means that if you are going to tail or leave to go to school or work in the morning, you need to make a plan to keep food cool. You need to use at least two cold sources in the insulation bag to ensure the safety of perishable food in lunch; the ice pack or gel pack in the insulation bag or insulation box works best.

When packing an insulated lunch bag, remember to add some hand wipes so that you can clean your hands before eating without any facilities nearby. When you return home and empty your suitcase or box, wipe the interior with hot soapy water and let it air dry so you are ready for the next adventure.

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