Try To Avoid A Large Friction USB Backpack.

- Mar 21, 2019-

If you are doing long-term exercise, it is best not to choose to carry your USB Backpack for a long time. It must be that it is not good for your body to be carried for a long time. Try to be in an hour or two. Then carry the hand-held, then carry the USB Backpack, so that the combination of your work and your USB Backpack can greatly extend the life of your USB Backpack. Always let your USB Backpack see the sun, don't keep it in the house and don't do outdoor sports. Without the moisture of the sun, your USB Backpack may be moldy, and there will be some odors that make you feel very uncomfortable. Besides, you have to carry USB Backpack, so it may be a while. Take your love bag out for a sunbath and give the USB Backpack a little sunshine.

Try to avoid a large friction USB Backpack. In the process of using, it will inevitably encounter some wear and tear. This is not to say that you can't wear USB Backpack, but try to reduce the damage caused by wear and tear, and do less wear and tear. Love. Try to avoid the place where the friction is large or the surface is not smooth. If you must use USB Backpack, you should keep one more eye. You must not wear the frontal friction.