The Structure Of Compass

- Jul 23, 2019-

1. Azimuth measuring mechanism: consists of compass, azimuth frame, sight and aiming glass. The outer circle of the azimuth division is 60-00 mils, and the unit is 0-50 mils; the inner circle is 360o, and the unit is 5o. The orientation indication accuracy is 0-25 mils.

2. Distance Estimator: It consists of a sight and a sight glass. The aiming glass is engraved with a distance estimate line and a dense line. When the cover is aligned with the distance measuring line of the shell body, the distance between the fixed line and the sight is 10:1, and the distance measuring fixture is composed of the distance line and the sight. Distance estimator. The distance measuring accuracy of the distance estimator is 5%.

3. Pitch angle measuring mechanism: It consists of a pitching sight, a pitching pendulum and a locking mechanism. The range is ±90o and the unit is 5o. The pitch angle measurement accuracy is 2.5o.

4. Mileage measuring mechanism: It consists of mileage measuring wheel, odometer, odometer needle and gear train. The odometer has 1:100,000; 1:50000; 1:25000 three divisions, the unit is kilometers. The mileage measurement accuracy is 2%.

5. Coordinate ladder: consists of two sets of measuring rods perpendicular to each other. Long ruler 80mm; short ruler 20mm. Unit 1mm. The coordinate scale measurement accuracy is 0.5mm.