The Quality Of Sport Outdoor Backpacks Is Closely Related To The Material.

- Mar 23, 2019-

For customers who customize Sport Outdoor Backpacks, since they have chosen to customize, they naturally hope to get better quality Sport Outdoor Backpacks. One of the most important factors related to the quality of custom backpacks is the choice of fabrics. The quality of the Sport Outdoor Backpacks is definitely a lever.

The quality of Sport Outdoor Backpacks is closely related to the material. The rubber sole of Sport Outdoor Backpacks is divided into a coating and a plastic coating. The rubberized bottom of the brush is better than the plastic. Sport Outdoor Backpacks' coating bases come in a variety of materials, including PU, Unili and AC. Under the same fabric density, the rubber sole is lighter than the plastic-bonded rubber sole, with good hand feeling and good elasticity. Sport Outdoor Backpacks' plastic adhesive bottom is made of PVC, PE, etc. The fabric has poor permeability, is not breathable, and the fabric will be heavy. Therefore, the high-end bag basically does not use this rubber sole. Sport Outdoor Backpacks adopts a coated rubber sole to make the backpack. Light and soft.

The colors of Sport Outdoor Backpacks are colorful and sometimes gorgeous colors can cover up some of the deficiencies, but solid colors can't be covered. So choose Sport Outdoor Backpacks with solid color fabrics, check if the color is correct, whether there are black spots on the body, and whether the fabric is faded.