- Jun 21, 2019-

Exhibit range:

1. Snow products: ski clothing fabrics, thermal insulation coatings, zippers, ropes/belts; skis, ski poles, ski boots, ski goggles, various fixtures, wristbands, elbow pads, knee pads, ski gloves, ski wear Ski caps;

2, snow accessories: snow rafts and other related ski equipment, accessories: wood core / metal edge, resin, adhesives, high-tech components, etc.; accessories, bandages, snow sheath, fur / leggings, toboggan, snowboard accessories , snowboard protection products, snowboards, snowshoes, lunge-turning bars, training supplies;

3, outdoor accessories: telescope, books / tape / CD, compass / positioning system, cookware / fuel, first aid supplies, emergency lights, food / beverages, games / toys / gifts, hand warmers, helmets, insect repellents, knives , magazines/cards/calendars, maps, pets, radios, sports racks, sunglasses, sun protection products, travel, watches, water treatment systems, etc.;

4, sports fashion: belts, casual wear / clothing / T-shirts, children's clothing, gloves / hats, insulation coats, socks, swimwear, underwear, etc.;

5, camping supplies and backpacks: accessories, backpacks, camping gear, children's products, fishing supplies, hiking boots, all kinds of pads / mattresses, sleeping bags, tents, travel bags, power rods, etc.;

6, bicycle sporting goods: accessories, clothing, bags / bicycle bags, helmets, shoes, etc.;

7. Mountaineering and rock climbing sporting goods: clothing, children's products, rock climbing accessories, chalk/bags for rock climbing, rock climbing shoes, climbing wall/supporting supplies, helmets, straps/backpacks, rock frames, hiking boots, climbing equipment, ropes, etc. ;

8, footwear: footwear maintenance supplies, casual shoes, children's shoes, boots, sandals, slippers, sports shoes, etc.;

9, water sports: accessories, rowing, children's products, footwear, helmets, pulp, inflatable rafts, windsurfing, sailing, all kinds of water sports clothing;

10. Yoga: pads, shoes, skin care products/personal care products, clothing, books/DVDs/CDs, training supplies, food;

11, retail services: bags / labels / cash packaging supplies, computer hardware and software, lighting equipment, security systems, promotional items, etc.;

12. Raw materials: fiber, finished cloth, general resources/mechanical, other materials, etc.;

13. Others: advertising/public relations agencies, associations, consulting companies, consumer magazines, travel/guides/clothing traders, trade magazines, etc.

Exhibition introduction:

The American Snow Sports Goods Fair (SNOW SHOW), sponsored by the American Ski Sports Industry Association SIA, is the authoritative exhibition of the American winter sports industry and the famous snow sports goods professional fair in North America. It is held annually in Denver. It has been held for more than 50 years and the exhibition is only open to professional trade visitors. Each year, the show brings together more than 900 exhibitors, bringing more than 1,000 major brands and professionals from all over the United States. OUTDOOR RETAILER, which has nearly 30 years of history, has been one of the most important and largest ordering events in the world's outdoor sportswear professional market. Each exhibition attracted the participation and attention of many famous brands and distributors, retailers and famous media in the outdoor sports industry. The show covers the latest products in all areas of the industry, showcasing the latest trends in the outdoor sports market, and offers exhibitors the opportunity to face directly with the industry's top decision-makers. The show will be moved to Denver from January 2018. Since January 2018, the OUTDOOR RETAILER exhibition and the SNOW SHOW exhibition have joined forces and shared resources. North American professional outdoor sports and snow goods exhibition, the only choice for exhibiting.