The Knowledge Of Zipper

- Jun 04, 2019-

Painted pull head: mouth width 4.35mm mouth height 1.85mm

The ordinary belt is suitable for thick fabrics; the bud ribbon is suitable for thin fabrics.

Ordinary termination: advantages: high output (adjustable speed); disadvantages: sometimes can not pull the root

U-type stop: Advantages: the top can be pulled to the root, suitable for clothing that requires pulling to the root; Disadvantages: low yield, 4000 / 8 hours.

Factors that easily lead to 3# invisible zipper defective products:

The big knife bends; when the inch is fixed, the teeth of the microphone are slightly cut, causing the lower end of the welding to be in place, and the upper end of the strip is also exposed to the microphone, so that the upper end is easy to fall off; the length of the lead is long; the pull head is uninsured after being painted.

Combination width 4.15+0.05 single width 2.65+0.03 thickness 2.00+0.05mm

Pull head height: 2.05-2.15 slider width: 4.2-4.25