The Etiquette When Using A Briefcase Bag

- Aug 26, 2019-

A. Use the bag should not be more. Going out to work, sometimes without a briefcase bag. If you want to bring it, you should limit it to one.

B. Use the package is not publicity. Before using the briefcase, be sure to remove the attached leather logo first. In front of outsiders, don't show the value of the briefcases that you use. Don't give people a sense of publicity. Don't be impressed.

C. Before you go out, carry everything you carry as much as you can in your briefcase. This is convenient when used, and it is not easy to find elsewhere. However, it should be remembered that the useless things should not be placed in the bag, especially not to "over-expand". Items placed in the bag must be placed in an orderly manner. Try not to put your personal belongings in your briefcase.

D.After entering the indoors, you should consciously place the briefcase on the floor near the place where you are seated, or specify it, and do not put it on the table or chair. It is also important to note in public places that the briefcase should not be placed in the way of others.