The Development Course Of The Bag(part4)?

- May 29, 2019-

During this period, rock music and pop music were not only a revolution in music form, but also a new language that spanned the region and culture for the majority of young people. The revolution in youthful miniskirts and trousers styles was born with the popularity of rock music. The mini skirt also calls for the appearance of new styles, so all kinds of small, long shoulder straps and simple style bags hang on the shoulders of young people.

In the 70s and 80s of the rapid economic development, in a certain sense, the decoration has become a symbol of cultural status and identity. New materials and designs are constantly being introduced, breaking the traditional notion of "investing in a good package." With the concept of neo-romanticism and classical revival in the late 1970s, some narrow-strap bags, fishing bags and other bags with fresh and rustic flavors are on the shoulders of people, reflected in the surge of economic tide. People demand to escape the crowded and noisy will of the city.

In the 1990s, the fashion avant-garde that was monopolized by young people seemed to be synonymous with fashion. The top design of the high-ranking list was, without exception, those avant-garde masters who were good at playing with the gimmicks. And the trend of "Today is the future of fashion and the past" has to change the feeling of "the world is changing fast". The accessories are also invariably affected by this fast-changing trend of the wind, showing a changeable appearance.

With the arrival of 2000, the retro tide will continue to prevail, and the sequin bag may become a boom. As a woman of the new century, have you ever thought that the bag around you can be a witness to history after hundreds of years?

In the twentieth century, mankind created too many miracles. They have left countless precious treasures for mankind through their ingenuity, active enterprising spirit and creativity. The giant wheel of the clock is still flying forward, we should firmly believe that hope is tomorrow, just at our feet.