The 16th 2019 Shanghai International Bag Show 2019.07.10-12

- Aug 02, 2019-

2019 Shanghai international Bag Show is a high-end platform for global luggage manufacturers and distributors, agents, e-commerce, micro-business, international trade buyers, brands, designers and docking exchanges. Focus on the luggage industry, bringing together industry products, technologies, information, People, showcase the Chinese luggage brand, and promote Chinese bags to the world.

The focus of the exhibition will be on the organization of professional visitors, the transmission of the latest international popular information, and the promotion of substantial trade and cooperation. It has been well received by exhibitors, visitors and industry professionals. The exhibition will be exhibited concurrently with the 16th Shanghai International Shoe Fair. At that time, the two exhibitions will be linked to share the buyer's resources and maximize the effect of the exhibition.

Exhibition range

Luggage leather brand exhibition area:

Luggage: trolley case, suitcase, briefcase, travel bag, outdoor function bag, backpack, etc.

Handbags: fashion bags, clutches, wrist bags, evening bags, zippers, cross-body bags, leather bags, chain bags, wallets, etc.

Fashion and leisure: children's backpacks, school bags, Mummy bags, backpacks, sports bags, mobile phone cases and other brands.

Fashion accessories: accessories, leather goods, belts, belts, gloves, and canvas bags, gift bags, green bags, non-woven bags, etc.

Outdoor bag: mountaineering bag, waist bag, travel bag, camera bag, riding bag, wash bag, survival bag, arm bag, waterproof bag, outdoor ice bag, etc.

Manufacturing area - finished product processing technology, raw materials, accessories and machinery and equipment exhibition area:

Finished bag manufacturing and luggage leather machinery and equipment: finished product processing technology and equipment, luggage leather machinery, sewing equipment, computer-aided design and manufacturing.

Luggage handbags raw materials: leather, natural leather, synthetic leather (PU / PVC), artificial leather, oxford cloth, lining, mesh, nylon cloth, leather base fabric, luggage fabrics and so on.

Luggage handbag accessories: all kinds of zippers, hardware accessories, tags, buckles, luggage locks, drawbars, angle wheels, handles, pulleys, plastics, adhesives, pulleys, 3D printing.

Third-party Internet service platform exhibition area:

Internet finance companies, Internet logistics companies, cultural and brand authorized enterprises, domestic e-commerce companies, cross-border e-commerce companies, R&D design companies, international testing organizations, etc.