The 14th Shanghai International Outdoor Goods And Fashion Exhibition 2020

- Aug 30, 2019-

Time: 31.Mar-2.Apr,2020

Location: National Exhibition Center (Shanghai Hongqiao)

Exhibition range:

Sports and leisure fashion categories: outdoor sportswear, sports socks, jackets, surf suits, pants, fleece pants, quick-drying pants, camouflage pants, ski pants, casual pants, cycling wear, swimwear, goggles, diving Clothing, surf clothing, hat clothing fabrics, etc.;

Outdoor equipment and equipment categories: outdoor tents, sleeping bags, outdoor glasses, fishing gear, outdoor gloves, leisure tables and chairs; camping, tourism, mountaineering equipment and equipment, professional lighting tools, professional outdoor telescopes, chess, professional outdoor sports (bicycle, Mountain bikes, RVs, off-road vehicles); skates, professional car refrigerators, BMX, mountaineering equipment, ropes, etc.;

Outdoor footwear: hiking shoes, hiking shoes, mountain boots, rock climbing shoes, beach shoes/sandals, outdoor casual shoes, etc.

Camping supplies and backpacks: solar backpacks, mountaineering bags,hiking backpack,first aid kits, travel bags, wash bags, survival kits, camping gear, fishing supplies, hiking boots, all kinds of pads/mattresses, duffel bags, boosters, etc.;

Outdoor camping accessories: outdoor flashlight, protective gear, outdoor water bottle, helmet, moisture pad, floor kettle, water stove, barbecue, communication/navigation, outdoor knives, outdoor table, telescope, trekking pole, cane towel, outdoor Mobile power supply, etc.

Ski sports equipment categories: alpine skiing, touring skiing, cross-country skiing equipment (snowboards, sleds, detachers, ski boots, snowboard holders, ski boots and accessories, ski glasses, etc.);

Water recreation equipment: surf boats, kayaks, luxury yachts, fishing boats, sailboats, surfboards, inflatable beds, windsurfing, jet skis, swimming pool facilities, all kinds of water sports clothing, etc.;

Accessories: compass/positioning system, cookware/fuel, first aid supplies, emergency lights, food/beverages, hand warmers, insect repellents, sports luggage racks, sun protection products, watches, water treatment systems, related applications, etc.;