Sport Outdoor Backpacks Need To Be Sized According To The Size Of The Embroidery Pattern

- Mar 03, 2019-

Sport Outdoor Backpacks has become the best choice for a gift. In the process, customers often want to put their own designs on Sport Outdoor Backpacks, so this involves the production of a Sport Outdoor Backpacks pattern. There are three main methods, one is silk screen, one is hardware pattern, and the other is embroidery. The three methods have their own shortcomings and shortcomings. Today we are talking about embroidery.

Sport Outdoor Backpacks need to be sized according to the size of the embroidery pattern, and then the pattern combination can be cut according to the size determined by the Sport Outdoor Backpacks, in order to achieve the best results.Sport Outdoor Backpacks is a relatively standard way of production, and the cost is not high. The simple Sport Outdoor Backpacks pattern is just a piece of money. The embroidery pattern is a bit strong in stereo. It won't fade like silk screen for a long time. Or discoloration, but Sport Outdoor Backpacks has certain limitations in the production process. First, the overall pattern of Sport Outdoor Backpacks can't be too small. We need to know that embroidery is a machine stitched one by one. If the whole is small, many times The strokes of the fonts will be connected together and it will not look very beautiful.