Split,the One Of The Knowledge Of Zippers

- Jun 05, 2019-

It is difficult to select the teeth, because the tooth distance is relatively small (1.2mm), it is best to use fixed code, right insert left high right low, need to manually repair the microphone, super sound half microphone pressed to the root, both sides with distribution Uniform, and the upper line is continuous, the length of the perforated cloth is about 8mm. When the square block is inserted, the pulling speed should not be too fast. The force on both sides is even and pulled into place. The pressing mechanism must be effective, so the mold is not easy to be damaged, and the pressure is changed from high pressure. For low pressure, slowly cut the mold, then the high pressure action pressure is changed from low pressure to high pressure, and high pressure clamping is performed. The difference between the two induction switches is about 20mm. Since the thickness of 3# nylon is thin, the difference of the induction switch is small. Adjusting the position of the sensor switch is relatively high. The specific adjustment method is: when the zipper is in neutral, the sensor switch light is on, go to the upper part of the zipper microphone, the sensor rod moves, the sensor switch light is off, the fishing needle is pressed down, and the patch is hooked. The hole of the microphone is flushed in place.

Factors that easily lead to 3# nylon zipper defective products: Due to the reason of the code loading, the upper thread is easy to break when the inch is fixed, and the ultrasonic half-microphone is not pressed, causing the pressure to open the tail.

Note: 3# nylon open tail needs to be accompanied by the tail puller. If the code is normal, the upper end can be injection molded.