Resin Zipper,the One Of The Knowledge Of Zippers

- Jun 10, 2019-

The height of the slider is 2.6-2.7MM, the width of the mouth is 4.75-4.85, the width of the combination is 4.55+ 0.05, and the thickness is 2.4+0.05.

Closed tail: When the pressure is up and down, the temperature, injection delay, and dwell time should be adjusted appropriately. If the closed zipper size is about 15CM, when there is a certain amount, the two rows of the microphone can be used to stop. If you have the right size, you can also do it one by one. Open tail: When ordering, be sure to take the lead? FONT face="Times New Roman">4.5cm, (17 mics), the super-tone tape pattern is clear, the left and right are even, the position is about 1.5mm from the mic, guaranteed to play The hole crochet can be hooked and the word is opened.

Press adjustment: high pressure does not exceed 100kg/cm2, injection pressure 40kg/cm2, pressure 30kg/cm2, low pressure 10kg/cm2 or less, high pressure, pressure holding cooling time should be above 0.1 second, depending on the actual product (zipper model) ) Adjust it again.