Remember Three Principles When Select Business Gift

- Sep 24, 2019-

First, the value of low is not sent. If the gift is given to the guest, it means that the roadside goods are of rough quality and cheap price, or the meeting gifts are sent to the participants to feel useless. After returning home, they will be shelved. This kind of gift will not reach the meeting organizer. The original intention of the meeting will even make the participants feel unhappy and have a feeling of being scorned.

Second, the quality is not good. For example, some products that are fragile or of poor quality are best not to be selected. If the participants took the meeting gifts happily, they would be broken if they went home to open it, or if they had not been used for a long time, such a gift would definitely make the participants' impression of the conference organizers greatly discounted.

Third, the bulk is not sent, the weight is heavy and not sent. Usually, the participants are single people to attend the meeting. If the meeting party returns to the organizer to give away the oversized conference gifts, it will not only make the participants inconvenient to carry, but also invisibly turn the gifts into parts. The "burden" of the guests.