One Of The Factors That Affect The Price Of A Custom USB Backpack Is The Raw Material Of USB Backpack.

- Mar 12, 2019-

One of the factors that affect the price of a custom USB Backpack is the raw material of USB Backpack. The common thing is to find the same texture, the fabric base is different; then use different materials, such as polyester with nylon, and finally buy second-hand materials directly, so that the raw materials bought can sometimes double in price. The gap, made by USB Backpack, saves half of the money on raw materials, so there will be a big discount on the price of USB Backpack.

Second, it is the work of cutting off the work of USB Backpack. In the early days of reform and opening up to zero years, the quality of Chinese manufacturing is recognized by the world. Many large international brands are looking for OEMs in China. Now that it is much higher, each manufacturer makes USB Backpack according to the complete production process, but it is different now, because the information circulation is too fast, more family workshops have channels to connect customers, in order to compete with normal manufacturers. Resources, simplify the production process of USB Backpack while keeping the appearance of USB Backpack unchanged, or even do not directly, for example, the normal backpack practice must first bury the bag, then the edging, some manufacturers in order to get bigger The profit directly omits the process of embedding the bag, which leads to the USB Backpack not being strong enough, and the cracking phenomenon occurs after a period of use, or when the leather goods are made, the front side needs to be folded and then sewn, and the side is not folded. Direct sewing, which leads to a lot of USB Backpack made not high-grade, obvious misalignment or leather exposed . Explain that in order to reduce costs anyway, there will definitely be a downgrade of USB Backpack technology or materials. The so-called penny and goods are definitely justified.