Nylon Zipper,the One Of The Knowledge Of Zippers

- Jun 06, 2019-

Pull head height: 2.9-3.0 Port width: 6.5-6.6 Combination width: 6.45+0.05 Single width: 4.15+0.05 Thickness: 2.70+0.05

Ordinary opening: the size of the selected teeth should be adjusted according to different codes (because the tooth distance changes), to ensure that the right insert is left high and low right, the left insert is reversed, the super sound half grain is pressed to the root, and the position of the adhesive tape is flush. Ensure that the pinhole of the bolt block rushes to the end, and the length of the punching cloth is about 9.5mm. Ensure that the pin block is attached to the root, the pin punches through the needle, and the side of the square is clamped, and the punching needle penetrates. When repairing the folding mold, you must pay attention to the lower mold slope, that is, the right insert is left high and the right is low, the left insert is reversed, and the strong test is required, and the product can be produced after passing the test.

Factors that are prone to defective products: Because the opening of the cloth feet is too short or too long, respectively, the strength is not enough, the plug blocks can not be attached to the roots, causing the square head to smash, not well matched, the strength does not reach the standard value, the reason is that the punching is too The outer side of the belt is slanted, and the punching is too deep to cause the belt to break.

Injection molding tail: fixed inch, super sound same as above, open need to change the open mold, (Note: when changing the mold, pay attention to the starting position, because the mold stroke is not the same, otherwise it is easy to damage the mold), the specific adjustment can be put into the mold In the middle, the hand wheel has a wheel, the paper is just cut, the hole length is 9.5mm, and the square block pin is referred to the 3# nylon tail press.