Low-carbon Energy-saving, Green Development, Starting From The Bag, Putting Environmental Protection On The Body

- Sep 27, 2019-

In this era of serious pollution, many places have been seriously invaded by plastic waste. How to reduce the use of plastic waste or how to use plastic waste? This is a must we must adhere to on the road of sustainable development. Hom. Low-carbon energy-saving, green development, starting from the "bag", the new recycled environmentally friendly fabric - RPET fabric, the environmental protection back.

RPET fabric, RPET fabric is a new type of recycled environmentally friendly fabric, the full name of Recycled PET Fabric (recycled polyester fabric), so also known as recycled PET fabric, the raw material is from the recovered mineral water bottle and Coke bottle Separation-slicing-spinning, RPET yarn made by cooling the silk, commonly known as Coke bottle environmentally friendly cloth. The fabric can be recycled and reused to save energy, oil consumption and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Each pound of recycled RPET fabric can save 61,000 BTU of energy, equivalent to 21 pounds of carbon dioxide. After environmentally friendly dyeing, environmentally friendly coating and calendering, the fabrics can also be tested by international standards such as MTL, SGS and ITS, among which phthalates (6P), formaldehyde, lead (Pb), polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons,nonyl phenol, Environmental indicators meet the latest European environmental standards and the latest US environmental standards. Because it is a new type of green recycled environmentally friendly fabric, its low carbon source has made great contributions to saving oil resources and protecting the ecological environment.