Is There A Picture Without A Template To Customize The Bag?

- Oct 17, 2019-

1, with a design

Before the custom production of bags, there must be corresponding design drawings. The masters can make proofs according to the design drawings. All of them involve some professional bag design knowledge. Only the correct bag design can make the correct pattern, so This bag design is not a casual drawing, it can be used for pattern making. The design drawings provided by the customer must be professional. If the customer has only a general idea, they can find professional luggage manufacturers and ask them to follow their own. Need to design and manufacture exclusive luggage.

2, there is a reference map

Many customers see the favorite bags in some places, take pictures, and then want the manufacturers to customize the exclusive bags according to the reference pictures, but only one picture can not be customized, because the inner structure of the bag, Material and accessories details can not be determined by a picture. If the customer wants to proof, the manufacturer usually gives the customer a sample according to the picture reference plus their own experience, so that the customer can see if they are satisfied. If they are not satisfied, then Modify or re-sample with customer feedback based on the sample.