How To Maintain The Cloth Bag?

- Jun 01, 2019-

The fabric of the cloth bag is generally made of canvas, denim and cotton. The lining is generally nylon and cotton. Generally speaking, the fabric bag can be dry-cleaned or washed. The fabric bag with more stripes and brighter colors must be dry-cleaned, otherwise it will fade. . The stained fabric bag can be cleaned with a small amount of detergent, and the brush can be brushed back and forth with a small velvet brush. The general fabric bag is often lightly brushed with a small velvet brush, and some irons can be ironed properly to keep it in a beautiful shape.

Maintenance points for canvas and cotton bags:

Soak in salt water for 15 minutes, brush with soap and soft brush, wash at low temperature, dry on the reverse side, iron at medium temperature, pay attention to the leather products, do not soak, avoid sun exposure, remove the active accessories before cleaning.