How To Maintain Outdoor Travel Bags?

- Oct 21, 2019-

1.To cover the travel bag with a travel bag at night, even in fine weather, the dew will still wet the travel bag, causing the travel bag to be moldy.

2.When the outdoor travel bag is full of items, don't arbitrarily shoot the travel bag, because the sewing line of the travel bag full of articles has been very tight, if the accidental impact or fall, it is easy to crack the suture Or the buckle is damaged and the travel bag is damaged.

3.the strong components of the iron should not be close to the outdoor travel bag fabric, when using the care, buckles, straps and other accessories to the body damage.

4.outdoor travel bags will always be stained with dirt, dust, sweat and other stains, so go home to clean immediately, keep the travel bag clean.

5.long-term preservation of travel bags need to be regularly cleaned, generally use a boring soft brush, brush out the dust outside the travel bag can be, if directly scrubbed with a damp cloth, it is easy to infect the stain on the appearance of the cloth.

6. If the travel bag is wetted by accident, it should be ventilated and dried, not exposed to the sun, so as to avoid the fiber becoming hardened and embrittled.

7. After a long journey, you should soak for about 30 minutes before cleaning the travel bag, or wash it with plenty of water to avoid organic matter, small creatures, or rotten leaves in the stream, causing travel. The bag is moldy.

8. The waterproof coating on the surface of the travel bag may fall off. Spraying with a professional anti-watering agent can prolong the life of the waterproof coating.

9. If the travel bag is scratched, it must be patched immediately. When splicing, you should use a thicker needle thread to sew it firmly. After sewing, use a fire to break the nylon thread.

10. When checking normally, it is important to check the stability of the support points to avoid deterioration or hardening of the gasket. I don't know if the zipper should be replaced. Don't wait until something falls out of the travel bag.