How To Judge Whether A Briefcase Bag Is Good Or Bad

- Sep 28, 2019-

A briefcase bag, also known as a briefcase, is a narrow box-shaped bag that is mainly used to store paper and other documents.

1, type

There are many types of men's bags. According to the purpose, there are briefcases, leisure bags, sports bags, key cases, wallets and computer bags. According to the way of carrying, there are shoulder bags, backpacks, messenger bags and handbags. When purchasing, choose a suitable men's bag according to your purpose and habits.

Observe the quality of a man's bag mainly depends on its structural design, material, workmanship, volume and cost performance.

2, structural design

The structural design of the bag is the most important because it determines the practicality, durability, comfort and many other aspects of the package. The function of the package is not as good as possible. The overall design should be simple and practical, and avoid fancy.

Whether a bag is comfortable or not is basically determined by the design of the carrying system. The carrying system is usually composed of a strap, a belt and a back pad. A comfortable bag should have a wide, thick and freely adjustable strap, belt and back pad. The pad preferably has a perspiration vent.

3, material

Including fabrics and parts.

Fabrics should generally be resistant to abrasion, tearing, and water. Currently popular are nylon nylon fabric, polyester staple fiber canvas, cowhide and leather.

Parts include waist buckles, all zippers, shoulder straps and chest strap fasteners, covers and body fasteners, zip fasteners, etc. These buckles are usually made of metal and nylon and should be carefully selected when purchased.

4, work

It refers to the quality of the stitching process between the shoulder belt and the bag body, the fabric, the cover and the bag body. To ensure the necessary stitching firmness, the stitches should not be too large or too loose.

5, volume

In fact, it is the size of the package. It should be based on the content of the work that the individual often engages in, and decide the size of the package from the actual needs. The principle is that Ningda should not be small, and if it is too big, it can be dissatisfied. If it is small, it will not fit.

6, cost performance

According to the individual's economic strength, choose a package that meets the needs and is economically affordable.