How To Fill An Outdoor Backpack?

- Sep 02, 2019-

Poor handling of the outdoor back pack can affect the ease of use and comfort, or cause the center of gravity to drift and damage the backpack. Therefore, when loading a backpack, in addition to classifying various items according to their purposes, there are two points to be noted: the first is that the center of gravity balance is stable; the second is convenient access.

The following are the filling principles:

1,The heavier weight items are placed in the upper middle part and as close as possible to the back, so that the center of gravity can be tightened to the backrest to avoid the feeling of being pulled back. Large, light-weight items can be placed at the bottom, so that the center of gravity is not affected; and because the weight is pressed on it, the backpack will be denser after a period of use.

2, hard objects should not be placed on the back of the site, otherwise if the inner backpack is directly up to the back and very uncomfortable, even when the fall will hurt the back; if the outer backpack is due to hard items and The back frame is only separated by a layer of backpack cloth, it is easy to wear the backpack cloth.

3, the weight of the items placed on the left and right sides of the bags should be similar, so as not to shift the center of gravity to one side. Raincoats, drinking water and things used on the day should be placed on the top or the easiest to get.

4, the concept of using the classification of the bag: the same kind of items or items used at the same time in the same bag for easy access, scattered small things more so.

5, develop the habit of placing at a fixed point: not only the backpack is faster, but even if it is black, you can find what you want in the backpack.

6,Try to change the filling method to minimize unnecessary hanging outside the backpack, because it will not only affect the safety of the action but also the beauty.