How To Choose A Fabric For Backpack Customization

- Dec 31, 2019-

1.Select fabric according to backpack style

The fabric used in different backpack styles is completely different. A stiff backpack is more suitable for stiff materials. The finished package can be shaped in this way, but a folded and soft backpack like a folding bag is suitable. The fabric is soft and foldable

2.Choose fabric according to cost budget

There are many types of fabrics on the market. The same fabrics have different prices due to their different density, yarn weaving, background colors, etc. The backpacker customizes the budget range in advance. Manufacturers also have more choices when choosing fabrics. The direction and cost are also better controlled.

3. If there is a reference sample, the sample should be sent to the manufacturer for reference

When customizing a backpack, if you have a sample bag, you must provide it to the factory, and let the factory find the fabric according to the sample bag. If there is no sample package, be sure to describe your specific requirements clearly, and the more detailed the better, so as to reduce the chance of deviation.