How To Buy A Laptop Bag

- Sep 18, 2019-


Laptop bags must be able to protect our laptops. Because the material of the notebook computer is relatively fragile, the internal structure is fine, and it can't withstand the collision. The carrying out will inevitably cause vibration and sometimes run, so the shockproofness of a good laptop bag must be good. First check if the laptop bag has a special interlayer and inner bag. The inner bag has enough protective sponge thickness; the shoulder computer bag should check whether there is a shockproof bottom sponge at the bottom. Then look at the thickness and uniformity of the liner of the computer bag to determine its protection against the laptop. You can feel the thickness evenly by touching the inner liner with your hand, and the fingers can clearly understand the difference. Both of these things are done well, and the shock resistance of the laptop bag is guaranteed.


Laptops can't be touched with water, and when we go out, it's inevitable that it will rain. Therefore, the external material of the computer bag should have a certain waterproof performance. This is very simple, pour a little water on the laptop bag to try, the waterproof cloth water will not penetrate immediately, will flow in the shape of a drop of water along the cloth. The water without the waterproof fabric will soon be immersed, the difference is obvious.


The laptop itself has a certain weight, and the back of the body will cause a certain burden on the body. If the laptop bag is not well designed, carrying it is not only uncomfortable, but also affects the action. So a good laptop bag can provide people with the best carrying status, in line with people's behavior. This is a personal experience, the hardness, flexibility and platooning of the backboard are the focus of selection.


Laptop bags or laptop backpack should be selected to fit the size of their own computer. If the 12-inch notebook selects a 14-inch computer bag, the size does not match, resulting in the remaining space after loading, shockproof will not work. So choose the computer bag and choose the correct size.