Backpack Tips When Use It

- Nov 21, 2019-

1. When packing the baggage, if there are more heavy objects or all heavy objects, they can be placed on average. After carrying the shoulders, the chest straps should be fastened and tightened so that the backpacker does not have a sense of falling. In action, both hands pull the adjustment strap between the shoulder strap and the backpack.

2. When passing through a dangerous place, you should relax the shoulder strap of the backpack and open the belt and chest strap so that in the event of danger, the bag can be separated at the fastest speed to ensure that you can escape from the light.

3. Don't drop the backpack, especially the packed backpack. After the back pack is full, the tension of the stitching is already quite tight. If the backpack is rudely removed or accidentally dropped, it is easy to break the suture or The buckle is damaged. Hard equipment should not be close to the backpack fabric: tableware, pots, and other hard materials. If the fabric is tightly packed on the back, as long as the outer surface of the backpack is slightly rubbed against the hard rock wall, the railing will easily break the backpack fabric.

4. During the handling process, be careful to buckle the webbing accessories: When you get in the car, there will be some situations in which the backpack is pulled. Therefore, when the backpack is on the bus, pay attention to whether the waist buckle is buckled. Some backpack waist buckles are soft and can be reversed. To buckle the lower part of the backpack, some backpacks have a hard plastic plate support on the waist. They can not be discounted. It is easy to crack. It is best to have a backpack cover to cover the backpack so that the webbing is not entangled with other backpacks. The process damages the backpack.

5. When you go out, you can bring a very thin plastic paper. When you are hiking or climbing, you will often rest. If you are resting outdoors, the backpack is easy to get dirty on the ground or grass, and some things are stained. The backpack is difficult to clean, and the plastic paper prevents the backpack from sticking to dirty things.