About The Fastness Of Leather

- Jun 17, 2019-

The most important characteristic of leather is the fastness. In order to let everyone know about the fastness performance of leather, the following is for everyone to explain, specifically divided into the following:

(1) Bending resistance: It refers to the number of times the leather is bent when it is repeatedly deformed to cause damage to the surface. The level of this indicator has a great impact on the wearing life of some leather products (such as leather shoes). For example, the anti-bending degree of the yellow cattle soft upper leather is several times higher than that of the yellow cattle modified upper leather. The former has a higher bending strength than the latter and is not easily broken during use.

(2) Cracking strength: refers to the load force per unit area when the leather is lifted up and the inside (surface) is cracked. This strength indicator mainly reflects the workability of leather, but it is not very important when actually worn.

(3) Tensile strength: refers to the maximum breaking load force that the leather unit cross-section can withstand. This indicator is one of the important indicators of surface leather fastness. In other words, the strength of the tensile strength is the firming strength of the leather.

(4) Tear strength: refers to the maximum load force that can be sustained by the thickness of the leather unit. It mainly shows the amount of external tension that the needle can bear after the leather is stitched. Therefore, if the tear strength of the leather is too low, it is easy to tear from the pinhole or other mouth.