4 Ways To Make The Bag Lighter, Let The Children Go To School No Longer Load-bearing

- Aug 15, 2019-

1.Choose a shoulder bag with a relatively light weight. The two straps of the bag should be as wide as possible to reduce the pressure on the shoulder. At the same time, the back of the bag should be padded with 3 cm thick to improve comfort, and to avoid hurting children from sharp backs such as pencils and pens.

2.the shape and size of the bag should be suitable for the child's body shape, the width should not exceed 3/4 of the overall width of the child's back.

3.The weight of the school supplies in the bag should not exceed 15% of the child's weight. Place the most heavy book in the place closest to the back to get enough support. If the child needs to lean forward to walk after carrying the bag, the weight is overweight.

4.If the shoulder bag has a belt, it would be better. By wrapping it around the waist, you can better reduce the weight of the bag.