- Jul 12, 2019-

Time 2019.09.19-2019.09.21

Exhibition industry: bicycles

Holding period:An annual one

Address: Poland - Kielce - Kielce Fair Kielce Fair

Kielce Bike Expo is the largest international bicycle show in Poland, supported by the Polish Cycling Association. It is a professional B2B trade show for professional buyers only: bicycle manufacturers and distributors, retail Manufacturers, service and repairers, bicycle parts manufacturers, clothing manufacturers, etc.

The strong government background and professional exhibition effect made the exhibition quickly become the most important bicycle show in Central and Eastern Europe. In order to meet the requirements of customers to open up more European markets, our company plans to organize enterprises to participate in the Kelce Bicycle Exhibition in Poland. The relevant matters of this exhibition are hereby notified as follows.

The Kielce International Bicycle Show in Poland is the largest bicycle show in Poland. It is a professional B2B trade show. It started in 2010 and has been successfully held for 9 sessions. The last session was from Austria, Italy, Finland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany. More than 300 exhibitors from 15 countries including the UK, Poland and China participated in the exhibition, compared with the number of exhibitors in 2015.

The exhibition occupied 5 pavilions of the Kielce International Exhibition Center and exhibited more than 480 leading bicycle brands. As in previous years, the show set up an electric vehicle test area and a professional self-application test area. The bike marathon competition was held in the same period. It is the largest and oldest cycling event in Poland. 2,300 cyclists from Poland participated in the competition.

The last Kielce International Bicycle Show attracted more than 23,000 merchants from 26 countries and regions (the exhibition was only open to the public on the last day), representing more than 1,700 bicycle dealers and wholesalers in Poland. The LINK “2016 Design Your Bike and Showcase It Around the World” was also held during the same period. In the special experience zone, the audience has the opportunity to try the latest electric bikes and assemble bicycles.