2019 Chengdu International Outdoor Sports And Leisure Exhibition

- Aug 08, 2019-

2019 Chengdu International Outdoor Sports and Leisure Exhibition

Exhibition date: October 25-27, 2019

Venue: Western China International Expo City

Overview of this session:

The number of exhibitors is expected to exceed 350+

Expected audience number 50000+

The total exhibition area is over 40,000 square meters.

【Exhibition Category】

1. Sports and leisure products:

Sports shoes and accessories: sportswear, sports shoes, sports wear casual pants, cycling wear, wetsuits, etc.;

Roller skating and skateboarding: cleaning board, roller shoes, protective gear, wheels, bearing shoes, roadblocks and other related items;

Camping travel equipment: tents, sleeping bags, moisture-proof mats, charging treasures, mats, cooking utensils, water treatment equipment, communication navigation, etc.

RV: complete vehicle, aftermarket, accessories and supplies, camping packages, travel services and rental services, campsite planning and services, etc.

Extreme sports: extreme skydiving, parkour and veneer, tobogganing, snow climbing, etc.;

Outdoor mountaineering: outdoor and mountaineering equipment, outdoor and mountaineering clothing, shoes and hats, outdoor and mountaineering machinery and equipment accessories;

Travel and carry supplies: clothing sorting bags, first aid kits, personal ID bags, life travel kits, sun protection products, rain and snow protection, etc.

Functional auxiliary fabrics: functional apparel fabrics, functional accessories, accessories, machinery and equipment;

2. Leisure and entertainment products:

Fishing tackle: fishing rods, floats and accessories, fishing clothing, waterproof products, etc.;

Fishing gear accessories: reel seat, bearing, hoe, tip, reel, etc.;

Youth and children's sports development facilities: preschool facilities, children's playgrounds, inflatable models, trampolines, etc.;

Leisure furniture series: outdoor furniture panels, beach chairs, garden fences, etc.;

Garden supplies series: garden tools, lighting supplies, garden sculptures, etc.;

Darts: dart machines, amusement games, gift machines, vending machines;

Smart wearable devices: VR\AR, dynamic seats, holographic projection, etc.

Billiard supplies: pool table, pool cues, cue bag, table hardware accessories, etc.;

Bar/KTV equipment: lighting, intelligent control system, DJ equipment, catering management system, monitoring system, etc.;