How To Choose School Bags?

- Jul 01, 2019-

1. Broadband and shoulder pads, the body of primary and secondary school students has not yet formed. When parents choose a schoolbag for their children, remember to choose a wide-band shoulder bag with a shoulder pad, so that the weight of the schoolbag can be evenly dispersed, not to the shoulder. It creates a heavy load on the back and reduces the damage to the child's body.

2.There are many partitions and fixed. When purchasing, check whether the partition inside the bag is reasonable and can fix books and other items. The partitions can make the children's books, homework, stationery, etc. can be classified and placed without confusion, and the weight of the bag is even. The fixed book can firmly fix the book debris so that it will not shake when it is used, and there will be no shift of the center of gravity, resulting in imbalance of the left and right shoulders.

3. There should be fewer mesh and metal fittings. If there are more pockets or meshes on the bag, not only will the surface be loaded, but the pockets and meshes will be easily caught by sharp objects, posing a danger. If there are too many metal buckles or metal zippers, in addition to increasing the weight of the bag, it may also cause damage to the back.

4. The back of the rucksack should have a cushion. The padded bag on the back allows students to not sweat and carry a heavy bag, because the pad has a pit pattern to help ventilate heat, so the child's back will not be wet, especially in the back. In the hot summer, you need to have a cushion.

5. The schoolbag should be suitable for the student's body type

Children will always have the necessary books and stationery when they are in class every day, so the schoolbag is the smallest bag that can hold children's books and stationery, and alleviate some weight. The general bag should not be wider than the child's body, and the bottom of the bag should not be 10 cm below the child's waist.

6. The material of the bag should also be noted. There are many materials for the bag. The material of the schoolbags for primary and middle school students should choose light nylon or canvas as much as possible, which can reduce the weight of students and is quite wear-resistant and practical. Primary and secondary school students should not choose leather or other heavy-duty materials to make schoolbags, which will increase the weight of the child's body.