Why do you need a surfboard travel bag

- Aug 12, 2020-

First of all, it is logical to buy a school bag. Just like you, your surfboard needs a home.

You only bought a new stick for $500-$1000. You need to protect the plank, cut it into the beach and put it back in place.

Many things can happen during transportation.

You should not leave the house naked, nor should you kill your own boards. Surfing nudists is not offensive here.

Being naked is cool, but you don't want your board to come into contact with any weird objects that might harm it, right?

A good surfboard bag can also protect your surfboard from the sun when it gets cold during the trip, not to mention that it can keep sand and wax clean inside the car.

Did your girl ever tell you when you were sitting on the sand when you reached out and kissed?

Oh, and if you get wax on your seat, getting off the car will be very difficult.