Why do you need a surfboard bag

- Mar 11, 2020-

First, it's logical to buy a boardbag. Just like you, your surfboard needs a home.

You paid $ 500- $ 1000 for a new stick and you need to protect the plank while cutting it into the beach and putting it back in place.

Many things can happen during transportation.

You shouldn't leave the house naked, and you shouldn't even kill your own planks. Surfing nudists here is not offensive.

Naked is cool, but you don't want the wooden board to hit any weird object that might hurt it, right?

A good surfboard bag also protects your surfboard from the sun when it gets cold in the back of the car, not to mention it keeps sand and wax away from the interior of the car.

Has your girl ever told you sitting on the sand while you reached out and kissed?

Oh, and if you get wax on your seat, getting out of the car can be very difficult.