What styles does the bag have?

- Jul 24, 2019-


The ethnic style is mainly related to ethnic elements. The ethnic customs of the Han nationality mostly have elements such as confrontation, buckle, lotus or ink landscape painting. Minority styles usually have a variety of brightly colored patterns and so on.

Business style

Business style, as the name implies, is usually the style that applies in formal occasions such as work and negotiation. Business-style bags are usually of superior quality, simple and generous in design, not fancy, calm and restrained.

Leisure wind

There are many types of leisure wind bags, including shoulders, shoulders and diagonals. Unlike the business bag, the casual bag is more casual, and it also reflects the taste and style of the bag owner. And the general leisure package is easier to take care of than the business bag.

European and American

European and American style, casual, simple, more biased towards the street type of New York Fan. At the same time, it pays attention to the color, and blends with the late Bohemian style. It should be said that the European and American styles are more extensive, with a small part of the Japanese and Korean atmosphere, very international. European and American styles are more neutral and more expensive.

Japanese and Korean style

The Japanese is fresh and the Korean is sweet. Japanese and Korean styles are more suitable for petite Asian women. Compared with the big bags that appear in the European and American styles, the Japanese and Korean style bags are generally smaller. However, Japanese and Korean styles are also many times. In addition to being fresh and sweet, Harajuku style and sporty style are also popular.