What styles does the bag have?

- Jun 01, 2019-

The style of the bag is roughly divided into one shoulder, shoulder, diagonal and hand bag. After scientific analysis, the best is the backpack bag from the perspective of labor saving and health, followed by the crossbody bag, shoulder bag, and the least. Good is a hand bag or a bag hanging on the forearm. This is because the backpack is most evenly stressed, and the shoulder bag needs to bear a large amount of gravity due to the one shoulder, which is easy to cause high shoulder and shoulder pain. The crossbody bag can distribute the weight of the shoulder to the back and waist. If you put your bag in your hand for a long time, your arms and shoulders will be numb and weak. There are still many people who like to hang their bags on their forearms. They feel that they are generous and well-known. The wrists are in the same position or excessive for a long time. Using wrist force, carpal tunnel syndrome can result from repeated chronic fatigue injuries. Driftwood canvas bag design center reminds: In addition to the type of backpack, you should pay attention when choosing a backpack, not too big; don't put too much on the back, it is appropriate to have a relaxed back and no pressure. If there are too many things, they can be installed separately; the width of the backpack and the shoulder bag is as wide as possible, the shoulder strap is pressed against the shoulder, the force area is small, the pressure is increased, and the muscles of the shoulder and neck are exacerbated for a long time strain.