What should we pay attention to when choosing a backpack?

- May 23, 2019-

No matter what type of backpack, when you buy, everyone will look carefully to avoid buying bad quality bags. Forwin Bags reminds you, when you buy a bag, you should pay attention to the focus, do not look at the parts, buy a bad quality bag is a minute, then, what to buy a backpack to see? Looking at any one package, as long as the following major factors are not leaking, then this package is basically a fine workmanship and a reliable quality package.

1, face

Flat, smooth, no seams outside the design, no bubbling, no bare edges.

2. Lining

Whether it is the choice of textiles or leather products, the color should be coordinated with the surface. There are many seams in the lining, and the stitches should be fine and should not be too large.


An important part of the package is also the most vulnerable part. Check that the straps are seamless and cracked, and see if the straps are securely attached to the body. All kinds of bags should pay attention to the straps, and the backpackers will pay more attention to the load-bearing and firmness of the straps, and pay special attention to the selection.


As the outer decoration of the bag, it has the finishing touch. When selecting the package, the shape and workmanship of the hardware should be very careful. If the hardware is golden, be sure to consult if it is easy to fade. If you have a case with a handle like a cosmetic case, you should pay attention to it.


Regardless of whether the bag is sewn with a bright line or a dark line, the length of the stitch should be uniform and there is no exposed thread. Pay attention to whether the stitching is free of wrinkles and whether the thread has come. See if the cable head will cause cracking of the bag.


When selecting a package, be sure to rub the parts to see if the glue is strong. In particular, some of the more fashionable bags, because of their good looks and excellent decorations, are very attractive, but if these decorations are not very strong, they lose their characteristics.


Check that the surrounding wires are tight and that the bag is natural. In particular, some key bags, cosmetic bags and the like that store relatively hard things should pay more attention.


Although it is an inconspicuous accessory, it is easier to replace than a zipper, so you should pay more attention when selecting. For packages such as CD bags and wallets that will open and close frequently, you should pay attention to the practicality of the buckle when choosing.