What should we pack for the ski trip(part 2)?

- May 15, 2019-

7.snow goggles

Because the reflection of sunlight on the snow field is very severe, and the cold wind on the slide is very stimulating to the eyes, it forms a protection for the eyes in the event of an accident. At the same time, it is necessary to have a pair of suitable glasses to protect the eyes.Full closed ski goggles should be chosen.The appearance is similar to diving glasses, but without the nose button inside, the outer frame is made of soft plastic, can close to the face, prevent into the wind.The mirrors are made of colored materials coated with a mist - and uv-resistant coating.The material is so soft that forced contortions deform rather than break, ensuring that no damage is done to the face when the mirror is hit.In addition, the upper eaves of the outer frame are made of a breathable sponge, so as to make the hot air from the facial skin diffuse to the outside of the mirror, ensuring that the mirror has a good visual effect.Taiwan gao te snow lens, besides have above professional besides, its original double deck prevents mist technology, also made special design with the myopic lens frame, it can cover myopic lens completely, the friends that suits to wear myopic glasses very much.