What should pay attention when purchase the travel bags for National Day?

- Sep 04, 2019-

There is a week during the National Day holiday, and there are plenty of time to go out and play. The number of luggage bag items that need to be carried is also increasing. Therefore, when purchasing the National Day travel bags, the following aspects should be noted:

1, choose a suitcase or a travel backpack

Luggage boxes and backpacks are commonly used luggage equipment for people to travel. The choice of which one is often tangled by many people. The choice of National Day travel is better. The key is to see how the nature of travel is. If there are a lot of luggage, then of course it is more convenient to choose a suitcase. If the luggage is not particularly large, the light travel backpack will be used. More convenient.

2, pay attention to product quality

Travel bags are our important logistics support during the travel period. Therefore, when purchasing travel bags, we must pay attention to the quality of the products, so as to avoid damage, damage, etc. during use. If it is a backpack, pay attention to it. The details of the force point, sewing, material, shoulder strap, etc., if it is a suitcase, it is necessary to check the two parts of the wheel and the zipper. Be sure to pay attention to the quality of the luggage, so as not to affect the travel experience due to inferior luggage.