What should I pay attention to when purchasing a travel bag?

- Oct 11, 2019-

1.pay attention to color

If you want to travel to places where wildlife activities are more frequent, it is recommended to choose a darker travel bag, such as black, gray, dark blue, and so on. For regular travel, choose a brightly colored travel bag such as red, yellow, green, blue, orange, and more. Travel bags are not recommended to choose white, one is not resistant to dirt, the other is too bright.

2.Pay attention to the material

Canvas travel bags are more wear-resistant, but the disadvantage is that they are easy to get wet, they are not easy to dry when wet, and the body is heavy, only suitable for short trips. Nylon fabrics and polyester fabrics are lighter, do not absorb moisture, mold, and dry quickly, and the strength is good, suitable for long-distance travel.